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Raymond B. Blake is Professor of History at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is also Head of the Department of History. He completed his undergraduate studies at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and obtained graduate degrees from York University in Toronto, Ontario. He was born in Pushthrough, Newfoundland and his family was resettled to Hermitage in 1969.


Dr. Blake's main area of research is centered on how the Canadian state has attempted to accommodate its constituent parts while trying to successfully manage competing national interests. Theories and notions regarding social citizenship have influenced his work on political integration, social policy and federalism during the 20th century. He challenged the orthodoxy surrounding the emergence of Canada’s welfare state arguing for the importance of changing notions associated with citizenship and social entitlements. He claims that throughout the 20th century there was a general demand from citizens that the state provide better for their basic needs. In his work, Dr. Blake examines the interplay between statecraft, social policy and citizenship, and national identity to show the complexity of approaches that are necessary to understand modern Canada. Dr. Blake's research focus is Canada, with a particular interest in, intergovernmental relations, federalism, social policy, prime ministers, resettlement, and Confederation. He has also written on the history of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Dr. Blake's scholarship and contribution to Canadian history has been recognized nationally and internationally. He has published widely on aspects of Canadian political history, and has participated in workshops and conferences across Canada. He  has been invited to lecture on Canadian identity and history at Kwansei Gakuin University in Nishinomiya, Japan, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Rosario National University in Argentina, and Université de Bretagne-Sud, Lorient, France. As well, Dr. Blake was a visiting professor of Canadian Studies at Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany and at University College Dublin in Ireland, where he held the Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies. He has published nearly 20 books, more than 60 articles and book chapters, and delivered more than 70 conference and academic papers.


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